As a vendor who is looking to equip a fitness club...
Wouldn't it be great to excite your potential customer immediately?

That's where we come in.

Using our virtual-reality technology we turn your equipment into an interactive experience that your customers are sure never to forget.


Step 01

Even before your field manager visits your new customers, you can involve them into your lines of equipment and let them have a close up and personal look at what you have to offer. Using a „Google Cardboard“ (Basically a piece of cardboard that has a smartphone slot), that can be sent out by mail, the customer only needs a smartphone to dive into a virtual reality showroom that showcases all of your products. He can roam around the room in realtime, just like a modern computer game.

Step 02

Using clubVR your face-to-face sales pitches will never be the same again. All the customer consulting can happen inside of your virtual reality showroom. Even better, your field manager and your customer can even see and interact with each other in the virtual world. This could be compared with multiplayer gaming, simply used in a different way. It almost feels like walking a real showroom, minus the hassle to set it up. This technology also allows you to show all your equipment during a trade show without actually bringing any of it along.


Step 03

We leave the planning to you. As soon as your professional planners have created a 2D top-down floorplan that includes positioning of all equipment, you send it over to our office. Depending on the club‘s size it will take us 1-5 days to create a custom virtual club for your customer. In this very first version we focus on the equipment itself, using standard environments and materials to get the job done as quick as possible. You can then run the realtime application on Mac or PC, export images and videos and send the app to your customer so he or she can walk his future club long before construction has started.

Step 04

After your customers were able to tour their new fitness club in virtual reality, they will sure want to see it in real-life, too. As soon as you have made the succesful sale we start to re-create your customer‘s future club in more detail. After a couple of days you will have - depending on the details needed - an almost-perfect, virtual copy of how the club will look once it‘s completely built and furnished in the „real world“. You and your customer can then use it for further planning (see our „features“ list) or to do the marketing.


Step 05

The core idea is that you only need clubVR as a source for all your marketing materials. Not only it helps you as a vendor but, by giving it to your customer as a marketing tool, you can also support them in selling memberships for their club.
Depending on your sales you could add even more incentives. You could for example set up a clubVR station on the construction site of a new club so the future members can have a virtual reality before they sign their contract.