Our engine comes with several tools for planning and marketing.
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Independent Plattform

ClubVR can be used both on Windows and Mac. Depending on how new the used hardware is (a dedicated graphics card is mandatory) clubVR automatically adjusts its quality to run even on slower systems. On high-end systems you will get an almost photo-realistic experience.


ClubVR can be run as an app on modern smartphones. Using the Google Cardboard it is possible to experience virtual reality even without a dedicated VR headset. If you like, we create a custom app just for you. The quality is changed dynamically to run on smartphones.


ClubVR runs in glorious 3D VR - Using VR goggles you can immerse yourself into a virtual world. You get the best experience by using a desktop computer along with an Oculus Rift headset. Even collaborative visits to the clubVR world are possible that allow users to interact in VR.

Optimised Speed

No render times - all content is created realtime on-the-fly. You use it to your heart's extent and there is no additional cost for rendered images or videos

What Clients Say

"The young start-up clubVR in Stuttgart put a technique with which you can explore a gym close to reality even before its construction began."

Noah Gottschalk Handelsblatt.de

"This technology is a game changer for the fitness industry. All pre-marketing techniques seem old and obsolete all of the sudden."

Sigfried Manz MY GYM Active CEO

"The promise of virtual reality has always been enormous. It seems that finally, there is somebody ready to deliver on that promise."

Max Schmierer MXO Media AG

Snapshot & Video

You can whip out your virtual camera at any time and create print-friendly high-res images or video.

Online planning & meeting

You can log-on to your showroom or your customer’s clubVR and meet his avatar in virtual reality, just like a multiplayer online game, as long as both of you run a PC or MAC.
On this real-world scale view you can re-arrange fitness equipment, try out different configurations and judge the correct spacing until the perfect set-up is found. It facilitates communication between vendor, architect and customer and saves you traveling to the location in person.

Online Membership

By using the Appsite feature from clubVR contracts for club memberships can simply be signed online long before the club has opened.

Logo & Film

In case you want a special extra incentive for your customer, we can create an animated film using clubVR. In addition we animate the customer's company logo.

The clubVR Tour, a less interactive VR experience,
runs on any device that has a html5-ready web-browser installed.