While planning your new fitness gym...
Wouldn't it be great to sell new memberships even before your grand opening?

That's where we come in.

Using our virtual-reality technology and about five days of time we turn your architectural plans into an interactive experience that our customers are sure never to forget.


Step 01

Together with your architect or gym equipment vendor you create an accurate architectural floor plan. Types of gym equipment, placement of lockers or any other piece of furnishing are all laid down in a classic 2D drawing. That simple 2D drawing is all we need to get started with your clubVR!

Step 02

In order to accurately replicate how your “real world” gym will look once construction is finished, you let us know all the details about your interior design. Anything from the color of the walls, the texture of the floor up to the type of decorative elements used is what we need to know. If you request a realistic view outside the window we also require a couple of smartphone photos from around your property.


Step 03

For a gym with around 2.500 m² and an average grade of photorealism it typically takes us about 5 working days to complete the project. There are 2 revisions included.

Step 04
Online MK

As soon as you received your clubVR web links you can embed the virtual tour into your homepage or facebook page. It’s also possible to create a traditional 2D or 360° video that you can easily upload to your YouTube channel. Thanks to the functionality of snapping unlimited amounts of high-res photos inside the clubVR software for free you’ll also be equipped with more than enough material for traditional print advertising.


Step 05
Offline MK

If you like to do your sales in a more traditional, face-to-face way, you can still use clubVR locally on any smartphone, either with VR goggles or without. If you like, we can even offer you a completely pre-configured one-button system that makes usage very easy. Just imagine standing in a shopping mall to obtain new customers for your gym: Using VR goggles to actually show them what they sign their contract for makes the convincing so much easier.

Step 06

Once construction of your gym has finished we offer you to do a real-world VR recording.
To do this we use a special spherical 360° 3D camera that allows people to then experience your “real-world” gym in virtual reality. Also, filmVR is a great option for existing fitness gyms that look for a new possibility to do online or offline marketing.