Our engine comes with several tools for planning and marketing.
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Online Sales

clubVR gives your customers the possibility to walk through your fitness gym without being there physically. It makes it far easier for them to make a decision on joining online.
There’s a clubVR version for any platform out there. Mac, PC, Android, iOS – You name it, clubVR supports it.

App integration

clubVR runs inside of any html5-capable browser as a web-app. It also can be integrated into any native app for modern smartphones. Using the “Cardboard” it is possible to experience virtual reality even without a dedicated VR headset.

What Clients Say

"The young start-up MXO Media in Stuttgart put a technique with which you can explore a gym close to reality even before its construction began."

Noah Gottschalk Handelsblatt.de

"This technology is a game changer for the fitness industry. All pre-marketing techniques seem old and obsolete all of the sudden."

Sigfried Manz MY GYM Active CEO

"The promise of virtual reality has always been enormous. It seems that finally, there is somebody ready to deliver on that promise."

Max Schmierer MXO Media AG

Snapshot & Video

With the press of a button you can export high-resolution, print-ready snapshots from your clubVR software. This way you never run out of marketing material and can easily create the print materials for your grand opening.

Planning & re-arranging

clubVR allows you to pick up any piece of interior decoration or fitness equipment and set it down in another spot.
You can imagine it like a computer game. This way you can easily try out new configurations or re-decorations during the planning phase or while your gym is already in operation. If you wish to present your ideas e.g. to your architect or potential investors, you can use the online meeting functionality to do so.